PPE footwear

“We have found Shoe Vouchers to be an excellent way to supply our PPE footwear efficiently and cost-effectively as we take on new personnel throughout the UK.”
Philip Belcher, E.ON

Not supplying Safety footwear to staff? Is your business at risk?

Sourcing and supplying PPE footwear that is comfortable and fit for purpose can be a logistical nightmare. Especially with increasing numbers of personnel working from home and over a wide geographical area.

The administration and paperwork, capital cost of excess stock and sheer hassle of dealing with sizing, faults and returns all add unnecessary cost to the business.

Unnecessary because there is an easier and more cost effective solution.

How it works

  1. The employer decides the level of allowance and the exact specification of PPE footwear required
  2. We print Vouchers valid only for that specification of footwear.
  3. Staff use their Vouchers at a convenient outlet from our network of specialist safety footwear distributors and retailers or online at one of our many independent retailers across the UK.
  4. The distributor ensures footwear is correctly fitted and to the required specification.
  5. Any queries will be handled by our Helpline

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Employers ensure staff are appropriately equipped with the specific PPE Footwear required, no matter the individual's size, shape or location in the UK.

Staff enjoy convenient access to a choice of PPE footwear within the specification and a professional fitting service to ensure comfort and safety.

Managers solve the problem of footwear supply without time consuming admin. and hassle.

The business eliminates indirect costs and waste. The scheme is free - the company pays only the face value of vouchers required.