When it comes to choosing an incentive or reward for staff or customers it's hard to beat a gleaming new pair of shoes. And there's no easier way to buy those shoes than with Shoe Vouchers - the payment method of choice in thousands of UK shoes shops.

For a surprising number of people you really can never own too many shoes. Half of British women own more than 30 pairs of shoes (BBC/Harpers Bazaar) and an amazing 8% harbour over 100 pairs in their wardrobe! Shoes are the ultimate reward purchase with 10% of UK women spending over £1000 a year on shoes.

The British love affair with shoes puts other fashion items in the shade. According to the British Retail Consortium the sales of shoes have increased year on year while we are currently seeing the worst sales
in other fashion items for 8 years.

Shoe Vouchers are the simplest of reward items. They can be branded with a client logo
and carry a personal message. Vouchers are welcomed at leading high street shoe
retailers including Clarks as well as a host of independent
retailers in exchange for any items in their range. All the best brands at all the best
shoe shops. It's as simple as that.

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