What better gift can there be for that shoe-a-holic in your life than a shiny pair of new shoes? Did you know that half of British women own more than 30 pairs of shoes and 8% harbour over 100 pairs in their wardrobe! But you can never own too many shoes; they're the ultimate in retail therapy.

But buying someone else a pair of shoes is a complete non-starter! Size, colour, style? And who has ever bought a pair of shoes without trying them on first?

That's why a Shoe Voucher, welcomed at high street shoe shops everywhere, makes the perfect gift.

Or how about shoes for grandchildren, nieces and nephews. What hard-pressed Mum with growing feet to worry about wouldn't be grateful for having the school shoes bought for them?

Well, now there's the simplest solution. Shoe Vouchers are welcomed at leading high street shoe retailers including Clarks as well as a host of independent retailers in exchange for any items in their range. All the best brands at all the best shoe shops. It's as simple as that.


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