Occupational Footwear

“The quality of service we offer to customers is reflected in the appearance of our Customer Service Staff. Our corporate clothing is, therefore, important and must not be let down by inappropriate shoes. However, we have dozens of offices all over the UK and providing footwear at all these locations would be a problem. We have found Shoe Vouchers to be a good solution since we can control the shoes staff are wearing with their uniform with very little administration or paperwork.”
Tracy Charles, National Car Rental

First impressions last ...

There is no legal requirement to supply "occupational" or uniform footwear to staff* and yet many of the most successful consumer-facing organisations do just that. This is partly a staff motivation issue. But it's mainly about presenting the company and its employees in the most professional way possible.

The appearance of your staff is the customer's first and lasting impression of your organisation. Your corporate clothing communicates the quality of your service and the professionalism, competence and authority of your staff.

But the wrong footwear can easily destroy those benefits. Poor footwear can also be inefficient, bad for staff morale and even dangerous.

*as distinct from PPE footwear supplied to staff where an assessment has indicated a relevant health and safety risk exists

But you don't want to run a shoe shop!

Many of our clients acknowledge the benefits of making sure staff are wearing footwear that is smart, appropriate and allows them to do their jobs efficiently and in comfort. But before they discovered us, they shied away from the administration and sheer hassle of supplying shoes in all sizes to dozens or hundreds of individual staff, often in multiple locations.

Shoe Vouchers saves you from all that. And yet still delivers your key objective of all staff wearing the right shoes. To achieve that all you need do is issue a Voucher to your budget, with the exact specification of shoes you want and allow your staff to do the rest.

If staff comfort is important, nothing comes close to Shoe Vouchers

Switching to Shoe Vouchers is not just beneficial to the efficient operation of your business. If the comfort of your staff is important there really is nothing to match it. With Shoe Vouchers the entire high street becomes your supplier offering a choice of dozens of footwear lines that match your specification, ensuring all staff, whatever their fit, will find shoes that they like and that are comfortable to wear. Your staff will also benefit from a professional fitting service before they buy. The ability of the system to guarantee staff comfort explains why so many airlines have chosen Shoe Vouchers to supply footwear to cabin crew.

“Control Room Staff are very pleased at being able to choose their own shoes (subject to the control measures that are on the vouchers) and comfort and fit are not now a problem.”
Lindsey Bender, Merseyside Fire Service

The choice of the High Street

Shoe Vouchers will be welcomed at all branches of:

Clarks together with many independent retailers giving your staff the widest choice of locations convenient to them, and footwear styles within the specification you have given, to ensure all your people are wearing shoes they like and that are comfortable to wear.

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All staff find the issue of Shoe Vouchers motivating and it's always popular. They enjoy the perceived reward of smart, crisp vouchers and are motivated by the choice and convenience the scheme offers.

No budget for shoes? We can still help!

And by offering only a partial subsidy (£10 or £15) costs can be minimised.

When budgets are very tight you can recoup almost all the costs through regular payroll deductions. Most employers leave staff with a small balance as an incentive which we top up with a special discount. The result is that staff enjoy generously discounted shoes from their choice of shop, paid in easy installment but at minimal cost to the employer.

And if staff leave the company during the repayment period you recoup the full outstanding cost from final pay - eliminating the costs of staff turnover!